GARCIA works towards the dissemination of the project outcomes and hopes to encourage other European Universities and research institutions to adopt a structural change focused on gender equality.

A Communication and Strategy Plan has been developed in order to help achieve the communication objectives.

The dissemination activities include developing and maintaining the present website, social media profiles and a mailing list.

A private area is available for beneficiaries to exchange materials.

Communication tasks also include the development of communication tools, the organization of a national conference for each beneficiary and the organization of a final European conference.



D2.6) Formicablu: Mailing list [April 2014]

D2.7) Formicablu: Facebook and Twitter web page project [April 2014]

D2.8) Formicablu: Logotype [April 2014]

D2.1) Formicablu: Communication and dissemination strategy plan [July 2014]

D2.5) Formicablu: Website [July 2014]

D2.9) Formicablu: Brochure [November 2014]

D2.11) All beneficiaries: Conference presentations [July 2015]

D2.2) Formicablu: Revised communication and dissemination strategy plan [January 2016]

D2.3) Formicablu: Communication and dissemination report [January 2016]

D2.12) All beneficiaries: Conference presentations [January 2016]

D2.13) All beneficiaries: Conference presentations [September 2016]

D2.10) All beneficiaries (except Belgium): National conferences [January 2017]

D2.15) Belgium: Final conference [November 2016]

D2.4) Formicablu: Final communication and dissemination report [January 2017]

D2.14) All beneficiaries: Conference presentations [January 2017]

D2.16) All beneficiaries: Handbook [January 2017]


WP2 (Communication and Dissemination) is coordinated by the University of Trento (Italy). External assistance is provided by formicablu srl.