Institutional progresses and structural changes introduced by the GARCIA Project need to be evaluated.

The Project will conduct a self assessment, in order to estimate the impact of the measures adopted by the participating universities and non university research institutions and to evaluate to what extent these measures have promoted gender equality.

The evaluation will take into account the different institutions and the different disciplines involved, the SSH on the one hand and the STEM fields on the other hand.

The results will also be used to provide guidelines and recommendations for other universities and non university research institutions, with the aim of implementing the GARCIA activities in different contexts.



D8.1) WP8 leader: Detailed evaluation concept, focused on four dimension: effectiveness and impact; challenges and resistances; sustainability of interventions; institutional progress and structural change [May 2014].

D8.2) WP8 leader: Evaluation dataset containing ex ante indicators, elaborated by the WP8 leader [January 2016].

D8.3) WP8 leader: Workshop on results of ex ante description [February 2016].

D8.4) WP8 leader: Final evaluation report [January 2017].

D8.5) WP8 leader: Final workshop with all involved beneficiaries [January 2017].


WP8 (Project self assessment and internal evaluation) is coordinated by the Joanneum Research Forschungsgesel (Austria).














The Austrian team is composed as follows:

– Florian Holzinger: Team leader, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesel.

Helene Schiffbänker: Senior Researcher with broad expertise on gender in science and technology, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesel.

– Jürgen Streicher: Researcher and Evaluation expert, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesel.

– Sybille Reidl: Researcher with broad expertise on gender equality in science and technology and gender in research, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesel.