Project Overview

The GARCIA project is supported by the European Union 7th Framework Programme SiS.2013.2.1.1-1 – Grant agreement n° 611737.

Gender equality and gender dimension in research are now priorities of the European Union Horizon2020 Framework Programme. The GARCIA project shares the same views, in considering how the gender dimension affects excellence and efficiency in research.

The project plans to map and analyze the gender dimension at different organizational levels in various European research institutions. With a specific focus on the early stages of academic and scientific careers, the aim is to implement specific actions for combating gender stereotypes and discriminations.


Management Structure

The management structure respects the different composition of each national team and aims at supporting collaboration between the beneficiaries. The management strategy strongly encourages communication and is based on consensus decisions.

The general structure includes 8 work packages. Each WP has a leader who is responsible of the WP’s tasks and deliverables.


GARCIA Project


Scientific Methodology and Work Packages

The overall objective of the project is to promote a gender culture within academia and research centers. The project actions are divided into eight Work Packages.

WP1 – Management includes administrative, legal and financial management and scientific coordination.

WP2 – Communication and dissemination is mainly focused on building a framework to promote the dissemination of the project at local, national and international level.

WP3Mapping national context welfare and gender regimes analyzes the national context within which academic career take place in different countries.

WP4Raising awareness on gendering practices and practicing gender in organizations aims to integrate gender equality in academic and research environments and raise awareness on the gender equality principle.

WP5Improving gender equality in management and decision making by gender budgeting aims at incorporating gender perspectives in management decision, with a special focus on the different levels of the budgetary process.

WP6Tackling the phenomenon of Leaky Pipeline aims at identifying strategies to combat the leaky pipeline phenomenon in the academic career, starting from the early stages.

WP7Revealing implicit gendered sub-texts in the selection processes: deconstructing “excellence” plans to identify formal and informal criteria used to construct scientific excellence.

WP8 Project self assessment and internal evaluation evaluates the institutional progress and structural changes introduced by the GARCIA project.